Our 11.11 Singles Day RM300 Giveaway

In a time and place where people are constantly working hard to ensure a brighter future for themselves, there can be times where we do not get to spend time with our friends and families. For some, being single only takes a toll on the individual’s mental health…

Huge stash of money vs your eWallet in your slim smartphone

How not to flex your money.

Running a successful business? We bet your cash flow must be fantastic. At the end of the day, you’d probably be left with too many notes and coins to stuff it all in your wallet….


Love counting money?

As an F&B or retail business owner, one of your main payment acceptance is cash. Perhaps you don’t consider other forms of payment such as credit cards because it’s more expensive, processes slower or maybe it just doesn’t suit your fast-casual restaurant…

the yellow whisk cake cafe
Food review

The Yellow Whisk

The owner of The Yellow Whisk envisioned a cake cafe serving customers quality rustic cakes with natural and wholesome ingredients….