Tips to run a successful Hotpot restaurant.

2019 / 10 / 23

At the end of every Friday night, people are beat from such a hectic week of work, all that comes to their minds is to kick back and relax over a heartfelt meal in the perfect cozy environment. So, as a hotpot owner, your sole duty is to entertain these people with tasteful offerings and soulful performances.

As a hotpot restaurant, you serve a wide variety of food options for customers to choose from carbs, seafood, meat to veggie platters. Such a large menu with plenty of customization for each hotpot would require a well-organized POS system to track all the orders efficiently. 

One of our most recent hotpot customers requested us to revamp their dated point-of-sale system, the goal was to make their business error-free, organized and efficient. We started from their menu, adding in more than 150+ different ingredients into our POS system, each labeled with a specific code. 

Customers can view the entire menu with images on their smartphone. This is possible because each table is equipped with a special QR code for customers to scan. From this, customers are able to visualize the food and order more quickly. For some, good customer service is a necessity and they would require the assistance of waiters. With that in mind, we have installed multiple iPads that waiters can utilize to take direct orders for customers, which is then synchronized with the master POS system and the kitchen. All of these saves tons of printing costs of fill-in menus for the restaurant and our planet as we speak. 

When an order is placed, it will be sent directly to the cashier’s POS counter and to the kitchen’s order printer. The cashier will know the full set of items ordered along with the total credit amount whereas the kitchen will receive the order to be prepared. This eliminates the need for their waiters to report the order to the cashier and to the kitchen. Everything happens so quickly and seamlessly. 

Multiple order printers are installed in the kitchen, one for the main ingredients, one for drinks, and one more for any side dishes. Everything is neatly organized into its respective categories so the individual cooks can prepare what they do best. 

Within the restaurant, the table layout is careful replicated into the POS system so their waiters will know the exact placements of each table and can serve accordingly.

Staff management plays a very important part in a hotpot restaurant as the staff count is generally high. Keeping tabs on employees’ clock in and clock out time is important. Our POS system is able to seamlessly integrate with a thumbprint reader to enable owners to securely keep track of their employee’s performance.

At the backend of things, inventory is well organized and monitored. Each time an item is ordered, our POS system will auto deduct the inventory amount. As more and more of the same item is ordered, our POS system will alert and notify the restaurant to re-order inventory from their suppliers. When their supplies arrive, the restaurant can then key in the amount into our POS system to keep track of inventory.

Built into each of our POS system comes with a very unique customer loyalty program. Diners can collect membership points which can then be translated into exclusive offers and additional discounts off their dining experience. Restaurant owners can use this reward and encourage existing diners to visit more frequently and attract new potential customers to try out their offerings.


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