Our 11.11 Singles Day RM300 Giveaway

2019 / 11 / 01

What is Singles Day all about anyways?

Singles Day, also known as Bachelor’s Day was started way back around the 1990s when a group of male students from Nanjing University discussed how they could break through the conventional thinking that being single was lame boring. They decided that each year on the 11th of November that it would a day of celebrations and events in homage of being single.

The Singles Day hype was slowing spreading out to more cities in China. And since 2009, Alibaba has turned 11.11 to be a day where everyone, not just single men or women could buy themselves gifts to celebrate and feel more cheerful – retail therapy much.

But what does Singles Day have to do with GOPOS?

In a time and place where people are constantly working hard to ensure a brighter future for themselves, there can be times where we do not get to spend time with our friends and families.

For some, being single only takes a toll on the individual’s mental health.

From us at GOPOS, we want to break the mold of these scenarios. So, we decided to come up with a campaign that allows you to take this opportunity to invite a friend or family member whom you’ve not spoken to in a while, to get together and have a fantastic time.

Whether you’re a winner of the RM300 or not, we strongly believe that you are a winner already. After all, you took an initiative, an action that will forever impact your life and others around you.

Our last words

If you have yet to receive any blessing or love, then be that blessing and love others just as you wanted it to be done onto you. Take pride in giving, because when you give, you receive the greatest gift, joy.

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