Why your expectations and reality don’t match up at a saloon?

2019 / 11 / 29

Some people get their hair cut once every fortnight and some every couple of months. And with every visit, we wish to look our very best after getting a fresh hair cut. But we don’t always look the way we want, so let’s take a look at why our expectations at the saloon don’t became a reality. 

      Here are some of the reasons:

  1. A clear communication and understanding between the stylist and the client is crucial. If the client does not convey clearly the style that she wants, the stylist may perceive the request differently. Therefore, in this case, photos can be a great visual aid to your hairstylist in understanding your requests better. That being said, the stylist also has the responsibility to fact find what their client might like even though the client does not have any preference in mind.
  2. The person’s personality and hair choice doesn’t quite match up. Say you want to get the Steve Aoki style but you look like a Trump. You’d probably look nowhere as great as Aoki and you certainly won’t be caking at any party anytime soon. So if you want to walk out of the saloon looking and feeling like a stud, get the right hairstyle that fits and defines you. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try new styles, just get one that doesn’t startle anyone.  
  3. Each person’s hair texture is different. Our hair properties are unique to its thickness, volume, elasticity, and shine. These properties affect how our hair looks day-to-day – will our hair look more fuller, curvier, or more vibrant? For that reason, a hairstyle may look better on some than on others. 
  4. Different product brands yield different results. The hair products that saloons carry may vary. So even if they are able to help you pull off a great hairstyle of your choice with chemicals, chances are that there may be slight variations if you perform your hair care at different saloons. So, to avoid this, always check with your hairstylist what chemical brands are they using to apply on your hair. 
  5. The skills and techniques of hairstylist varies. No two hairstylists can deliver the same performance as the other. Even for your regular hairstylist, some days he may do a better job, and other times not. It is important to not have too high of an expectation. 
  6. Old chemical leftover from hair ends. In most times, your regular hairstylist may be able to perform a great job but if you perform chemical treatments too often, some of the chemicals may still be leftover from the previous session and may damage your hair.

There are many new innovations and technology advancements in the chemical products as well as the tools saloons use to create a hairstyle that gives the client the ability to easily manage their hair at home. With many of these improvements, clients can get a natural rebonded hair or even a wavy hair just by finger blowing dry at home without needing to be a professional stylist.

A good hair cut is always the most important thing to create the rest of the hairstyle. Of course, there are some clients who aren’t born with perfect hair texture but rest a sure, it can be perfected using the right chemical and tools to get that perfect end results.

Before we can achieve the above mention, the consultation part is the most important part for hairstylists to know what they should do next. From there they will be able to better understand the client’s hair condition, daily struggles, root causes of the problem and how it could be resolved. Clients also have to bear in mind that not all brands of chemicals deliver the same results and not all saloons are using the same brands. 

Have you heard about Colors ‘N Curls?

Unlike most saloons that briefly ask you on the hairstyle that you would prefer, C&C emphasizes a lot on the consultation part. This helps them to inspect their client’s hair in greater detail and provide a greater understanding of what styles would work best and how to maintain the same great look at home. 

Their goal is to enable clients to achieve the same styling effect from the comfort of their homes just by a simple finger blow-dry; look your best always without the presence of a professional stylist.

C&C carries the Mielle (from Korea), Milbon (from Japan) and Olaplex (from America). Each with its own strengths in achieving great results for different hair treatments.

The environment is also very laid back, get yourself water, canned drinks or maybe a cup of coffee to go with biscuits and snacks. Customers are also allowed to order Grabfood and dine while undergoing some of the treatments.


Colors N Curls focuses on providing an affordable yet high-quality services to their customers, ensuring maximum satisfaction. Their services include, wash, cut, blow, Korean perm, ceramic perm, scalp treatment, and coloring. Prices start as low as RM28; you may check the full list of their service and pricing here.

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