Love counting money?

2019 / 10 / 15

As an F&B or retail business owner, one of your main payment acceptance is cash. Perhaps you don’t consider other forms of payment such as credit cards because it’s more expensive, processes slower or maybe it just doesn’t suit your fast-casual restaurant or low-cost retail concept.

At the end of the day, you’ll find yourself with a pile of cash waiting to be sorted out and counted to balance the actual amount stated on the order receipts.

As for most of us, counting is a tedious job to do. Not only would you find yourself losing count over a little distraction, you could be wasting precious time that could otherwise be put for better, more productive use.

The great thing about eWallets is that its super low-cost and it works with any amount as small as 10 cents up to the thousands. At the end of the day, you know the exact total of how much you’ve earned plus all transactions are well tracked and organized.

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